Charles Rose diamonds are carefully selected by an expert team of diamantaires to ensure consistent high quality. Our selection criteria is stricter than all our domestic and international competitors and our specialisation and volume also ensure finer value in your purchase.

Charles Rose hand finishing is superior to other processes of jewellery fabrication. We fully document, certify and guarantee your purchase, including the provision of an independent diamond grading certificate.

Charles Rose do not sell H colour diamonds (or lower) except by special request. We do not sell clarity or colour enhanced diamonds, irradiated stones, drilled gems, cavity filled gems, fluorescent stones, heavy cut gems (above or below the girdle), gems rated “Good” or lower in cut symmetry, proportion or finish. We do not sell diamonds with polished culet’s, wavy or thickness alternating girdles or gems in settings that hide chips or inclusions. We do not sell principal gems without an independent, internationally recognised certificate.

Below is a simple explanation of diamond quality. For more detailed information we recommend you visit our showrooms and speak with a diamond consultant. Your journey to the perfect diamond has begun.



Charles Rose is Australia’s premier diamond jewellery designer and manufacturer. We have a finished range in addition to an exclusive made to order service. We specialize in high quality diamonds and handmade jewellery of superior finish and detail. Charles Rose diamonds are supplied with premium International diamond grading certification plus a full warranty.

VALUE:  We provide high value in your purchase. This is possible because Charles Rose are specialist diamond dealers, jewellery designers and manufacturers.

FREE SUPPORT:  Our customers benefit from a range of free services including:  re-polishing, cleaning and jewellers inspection with report. Charles Rose will also repair and maintain at special low cost Charles Rose items purchased by you. Charles Rose is over 90 years old and can be relied upon for warranty and service support.

TRADE UP: In most circumstances, you may trade in your past CR purchases when trading up – ie where purchasing a more valuable item.

diamonds on table

REMAKING: Charles Rose have a special remake service; hand making new jewellery by re-fashioning your old or unwanted items – with significant savings. You may select from any of our exclusive styles or design your own.

INSURANCE: Charles Rose are jewellery insurance claims specialists and will manage your insurance claim with you. Charles Rose also provide re-valuations, new for old replacement (including exact copy work) and repair services.




Charles Rose guarantee to provide jewellery of superior quality and value. Your purchase will be carefully described, including a full description of diamond grades and other gem parameters. Charles Rose settings are also fully guaranteed including as to their description; metal purity, method of manufacture and workmanship. If your piece reveals a flaw or error in fabrication (for the life of the item) we will rectify the problem without charge.



The Charles Rose price guarantee ensures you pay the correct price for your purchase. Our specialization and volume of diamond purchasing plus our in house manufacturing ensure industry best pricing.

Typically our jewellery is higher in quality and/or lower in cost. If you feel after your purchase that this has not occurred, simply bring it to our attention and if confirmed, we will refund you more than the difference.

Charles Rose diamond ring pricing is consistent and reliably reflects excellent value. We never engage in price manipulation “sales” or quote on stock that is not available for immediate purchase. Our inventory lists are real and immediately available at the quoted price.



Charles Rose exclusively source diamonds that conform with the Kimberley Process. This process, using certification and monitoring, ensures the legitimate provenance of gemstones. Gems that are traded illegally are identified and rejected. The Kimberly Process is a significant and successful worldwide initiative.